This is a look at a Dental Gauze Model I had to create for my work in dental patient animation. This was a tricky concept to create.
I had so many ways to skin the cat, but when it comes down to it I needed to make it very detailed, yet at the same time easy to animate and quick to render. All tasks that took time to hone. In the end, I'm pretty happy with it.
The idea is that the gauze that a dentist puts in your mouth is a combination of two gauze sheets that are folded into quarters and then they are laid on top of each other and folded again into quarters to make a small, but plump and pillowy piece of gauze.
In order to do this, I started the model with C4d and then brought the model into ZBrush and then back into C4d for finishing.
It was kind of tricky creating a lattice of gauze material. Unfortunately, I can't go into the full procedure here.
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