This is a quick 10 second test of  Video Copilot‬'s ‪ Element 3d‬ in ‪ After Effects‬.
After seeing the Star Trek Title scene that Andrew Kramer did for JJ Abrams, I decided to try out the plug-in for myself. I found it to be an extremely powerful tool and it's particle generator capabilities are only exceeded by it's physical rendering engine, add a few VC Optical Flares and Wammo, SPACE MADNESS! All the models, but a few 3d distorted card pieces (used for the nebulae) were created within the plug-in, I created basic planet textures using the same textures as a bump map or normal map, luminescence of the planets and textures is actually created by the plug-ins glow capabilities. I am using the current World Animation system to animate the the 3d cameras trajectory through the scene. My next test will be using their Sure Target2 Plug-in, although it seems to be a bit buggy with the new AE updates, it's still an awesome way to fly through a Element 3d or AE 3d scene using targeted group/scene nulls
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